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Editor Package

Welcome to the PFOND Project! As an editor in the project, you will largely be responsible for gathering information pertaining to your assigned disorder and presenting this information in a clear and concise manner. In order to provide maintainability across the PFOND network we do not expect editors to worry about the aesthetic design of the disorder-site they are working on. Editors should rather place emphasis in contributing quality content, and participating in the discussion boards when necessary. Active editors are required to fill out a monthly progress form indicating their progress and plans of what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming month. Failure to complete the progress form may result in the withdrawal of your active editor status. It is common for two or three editors to be grouped to work on a single site. We do not micromanage the groups and leave it to the editors to make specific arrangements. We also consider the requests of editors having a preference to work individually.

The following are two introductory videos.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


What’s next?

Here are some tasks that can help you become familiar with the system.

  • Create account
  • Send a message to admin with your registered username so your account can be granted editor access.
  • Confirm access works
  • Post comment to discussion boards
  • Add test links to the links section
  • Add test content to overview page
  • Setup RSS feed for PubMed
  • Setup RSS feed for Google News
  • Update the header image of your site
  • Add welcome message
  • Setup text tooltips

Questions, comments, concerns? We currently use two methods for communication. There is a PFOND mailing list ( that you can use to get in touch with all the members of PFOND. It may take up to a week for new editors entering the project to be added to the mailing list. For technical Q and A we use a collaborative system called Piazza. You should receive an invitation link to Piazza in the next several days.

Here is a link to the Editor Manual.

Editor Package

One Comment

  1. Hi there I was wondering if I could choose the partner who will work with me on a webpage or is another person randomly assigned. If it is possible to work with somebody I know how would I go about arranging for that? Thank you very much for your time.